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Fresh, seasonal & regional food at the GROSSARLER HOF!


We like to dish up what comes naturally, so we have taken to heart the Austrian government’s GenussRegion initiative to promote regional food specialities. All the GROSSARLER HOF’s dishes are based on excellent products sourced from the Pongau gourmet region. Our dishes reflect the history of a region where the art of preparing game and venison has been perfected for centuries. Traditional game and venison recipes complemented by fresh and inspired variations are the secret of our gastronomic success. Naturally, every dish on our menu is made with our region’s top quality Pongau produce – and what better accompaniment can there be to our regional food than a glass of excellent wine?

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Wine cellar
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The Pongau gourmet region

Gourmets have long regarded the Pongau region as a culinary centre of excellence, especially with regard to game and venison. The Austrian GenussRegion scheme has even officially recognised it as a region of special culinary interest.

In 2014, special gourmet status was also awarded to the five small cheeseries in the Grossarl Valley that produce a wide range of farmhouse cheeses, from curd cheese and hard cheeses to the famous ‘sour cheese’.

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Fresh, seasonal & regional food at the GROSSARLER HOF Austria

Our local suppliers:

  • GenussRegion Pongauer Wild
    Dr Draxler, Estate Manager

    Venison & game

  • GenussRegion Grossarltaler Bergbauernkäse
    Schiedstein Bauer

    Curd cheese, cream cheese, farmhouse butter, yoghurt, ‘sour cheese’

  • GenussRegion Walser Gemüse
    Lettuces, cabbages and other vegetables

  • GenussRegion Lungauer Eachtling
    Dockner Bauer Mariapfarr


  • Wandlehen Bauer

  • Gerstreit Bauer
    Beef, lamb & veal

  • Lärchen Bauer
    Beef, veal & game sausages

  • Inhög Bauer
    Alpine beef

  • Bäckerei Unterkofler

  • Fleischhauerei Urban St Johann im Pongau
    Sausages, ham & speck