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Fly fishing in Austria

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The Grossarler Ache, which is fed by a small lake at the upper boundary of the fishing area, stretches for around 18 kilometres through the valley. With its numerous tributaries and mountain streams in idyllic side valleys, fly fishermen will find the best and above all varied conditions for fly fishing here.

We recommend that beginners only go fly fishing after taking a special course. For experienced fly fishermen, we also offer the opportunity to practise their craft without coaching or guiding.

Your fishing holiday in the Grossarl Valley

Pure variety

When fishing in the Grossarl Valley, you will experience calm river passages, large pools, rapids, rocky undercuts and gravel banks, surrounded by lush meadows and mountain pastures.

Crystal-clear water, unspoilt nature and an excellent fish population invite you to try your luck with a fishing rod.

The most important information about fly fishing in Austria

Questions & Answers

The bait used to catch the fish is the eponymous artificial fly. The fisherman uses it to imitate the winged insect and thus trigger the fish's desire to prey. Fly fishing has its origins in England, where, like hunting, it was initially reserved for the aristocracy and bourgeoisie.

To bring the fly close to the predator, it is cast using a fly line and precise casts. The necessary distance to the animal is extremely important to avoid escape behaviour. To trigger the predator's pursuit reflex, the fly is immediately retracted as soon as it lands in the water. Ideally, the fish lands on the hook and is secured by the angler.

The classic targets in fly fishing are salmonids (trout, salmon, char and grayling), although other species can also be caught in this way. Brown trout, grayling and brook trout are native to the Grossarler Ache.

Fly fishing is permitted in the Grossarl Valley between 1 May and 30 September. While fishing during the day is recommended in autumn and spring, in summer mornings and evenings are the ideal time to practice the sport.

When fly fishing in the Grossarl Valley, only a single or soft hook is permitted. This means that barbs, which can cause the most damage, are not involved. Beginners and experts alike can therefore remove the hook from the nerve-free area of the fish's mouth without stress or injury.

Learning the right swing takes some practice, and many important basic rules of fly fishing are not learnt in passing. We recommend that beginners are accompanied and instructed by experts during their first attempts. Once you have learnt the most important areas, however, fly fishing is not difficult and makes for lots of great memories.

Fly fishing regulations
  • Waters and fishing routes: Area A: Großarler Ache from Großarl to Hüttschlag (approx. 8 km)
  • Area B: Großarler Ache from Hüttschlag to the head of the valley (approx. 17 km), incl. Ötzlsee (approx. 1 ha)
  • Stock: Brown trout & grayling (area A), brown trout & brook trout (area B)
  • Fishing gear and bait: Fly rod with wet or dry fly or nymphs. Only with single and soft hooks.
  • Catch restrictions: catch & release only - no carry-in possible.

Fishing licence included

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On a fishing holiday at the GROSSARLER HOF you don't have to worry about a fishing licence - we will provide and prepare one for you.

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