Wine & Dine

Excellent wines and culinary delights

Every year we hold a winemaker’s event to open the Game, Traditional Costume and Folk Music Week in October. We’ve already had several of Austria’s top award-winning chefs join forces with the GROSSARLER HOF’s Head Chef for this special Wine & Dine event. The winemaker’s event features culinary experiences aptly rounded off with top quality wines, humorously presented by the winemakers themselves.

An extraordinary and star-studded gourmet night!

Save the date!

Our next Wine & Dine event:
Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Previous GROSSARLER HOF guest chefs and winemakers:

  • 2012 – Roland Huber
  • 2013 – Roland Huber / Weingut Bründlmayer and Weingut Sax
  • 2014 – Josef Steffner und Thorsten Probost / Weingut Leo Hillinger and Weingut Erwin Poller
  • 2015 – Josef Steffner and Vitus Winkler / Weingut Erich and Walter Polz and Weingut Hannes Reeh
  • 2016 – Simon Taxacher / Weingut Leo Aumann and Weingut Erich Machherndl
  • 2017 – Martin Sieberer / Weingut Anton Bauer (Falstaff winemaker of the year 2017)
  • 2018 – Philip Rachinger / guest winemaker Karl Alphart from the eponymous winery
  • 2019 – Roland Huber / Michael Moosbrugger from the Winery Schloß Gobelsburg

  • 2020 – Lukas Nagl / Paul Kiefer from the Winery Mayer am Pfarrplatz