Fly fishing in Salzburg

Fly fishing in Salzburg

Char, trout and grayling

The Grossarler Ache is perfect for fly fishing… With a fishing stretch of approx. 18km, its numerous tributaries and mountain streams in tranquil side valleys offers ideal and varied fishing conditions. The Grossarler Ache rises on the Keeskogel mountain at an altitude of 2,100m and runs in a northerly direction to Lake Ötzlsee at 1,000m above sea level. The Ache keeps going for another 25km before flowing into the river Salzach at Sankt Veit im Pongau.
The head of the Grossarl Valley is one of the most beautiful fishing areas in the Salzburg region. Native fish like brook char, trout and grayling thrive in the crystal-clear mountain waters that come from the Schödertal valley and the glacier on Keeskogel. The rare Alpine salmon is a special treat for anglers, as the only place to find it in the whole of Salzburg is Lake Ötzlsee. Since this lake can only be reached on foot, visitors are met by a particularly pristine natural environment.

fly fishing in Salzburg fish water Grossarler Ache holidays at GROSSARLER HOF Grossarl SalzburgerLand
fly fishing in Salzburg fish Grossarler Ache holidays at GROSSARLER HOF Grossarl SalzburgerLand

The fishing season on the Grossarler Ache in Salzburg lasts from 1 May to 30 September. Our fishing experts recommend 4wt and 5wt lines as these are ideal for fishing with dry flies as well as wet flies and nymphs. Anglers are thrilled by the Grossarler Ache’s excellent fish stock and crystal-clear water – they can catch their pray by sight! The Grossarler Ache is a typical mountain stream that meanders along its upper course. Beginners enjoy fly fishing here as much as expert anglers, and there is a strict catch and release policy in place throughout the fishing waters.

By the way, The Hoamalm has a pond stocked with river trout, rainbow trout and char. Bring your own rod or hire one of theirs, catch your fish and ask the people at the Hoamalm to smoke it for you!

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