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Blog Grossarler Hof


Autumn Festival in the Grossarl Valley in the Salzburger Land

The Grossarl Valley's Autumn Festival is not to be missed. When the splendid autumnal atmosphere combines with traditional festivities, regional traditions and living folk culture visitors are immersed in a slice of Alpine history. Autumn in the Valley of Alpine Meadows is a golden season. It is also the time of cattle drives, harvest festivals and farm-gate sales – and a wonderful time of year for hiking and walking in the Salzburger Land. Find out about the area, its people and seasonal fare on guided Alpine walks with your hosts, and in the many Alpine chalets along the way. The Austrian Game, Traditional Costume and Folk Music Week takes place during the Autumn Festival at the GROSSARLER HOF, and is an event packed with truly special culinary and musical experiences. This series of events is crowned by the annual Hunters' Ball.

Celebrate the Autumn Festival with us at the hotel GROSSARLER HOF!


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